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MainConcept AG is a developer of audio & video software. The current developer portfolio contains 48 programs. The most popular software is MainConcept DTV Decoder Pro with 88 installations on Windows PC.

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Best software by MainConcept AG

MainConcept DTV Decoder Pro
The MainConcept Decoder Pack DVCPRO HD is a powerful set of DirectShow filters.
MainConcept MCE Encoder
The MainConcept MCE Encoder enables you o capture high quality MPEG-2.
MainConcept DV Codec
Allows you to read as well as write digital video footage on your computer.

Popular programs by MainConcept AG

MainConcept MJPEG Codec
It allows high-quality, real-time MJPEG encoding and decoding.
A modular animation package which is able to load, edit, play and save / convert many animation and.
MainConcept DVCPro 50 CODEC
The Codec is for amateurs and professionals working with high end Video.

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